Julian Scott

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in Bath

Online Course in treating children

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About the Course

After some years of preparation, I am now in a position to offer an online course in treating children. This is based on lectures that I have given in various places, mostly courses given in Reading, England. These courses comprised about 15 days of face to face lectures and covered most of the conditions of childhood that can be effectively treated with acupuncture.

I have tried to reproduce this here. In addition to the normal multiple choice questions that you have to answer for the CPD diploma, there will be questions and case histories for you to try your skills on. You may like to look at the various answers on the  ‘chat room’. Alternatively, if there is something that is particularly bothering you, there will be a chance to bring it up on for discussion on the live webinar.

The course will be hosted by An Apple a Day.

Aim of Course

The aim of the course is to give people the knowledge and skills to be able to open their own children’s clinic.

What’s different about this course?

  • Is based on live presentations, so it is easier to listen to.
  • There are very extensive notes
  • There are case histories drawn from life for you to try your hand on. These bring up real life problems that you will encounter in the clinic.
  • There will be live webinars

About me

I have been in practice since 1976. From the very start I was interested in treating children, and my thesis for acupuncture school was on Tui-na for children (at that time unknown in the West)

Since then I have worked in practises in many different places, and gathered a lot of experience. I have also given many hundreds of courses over Europe, North America and other places.

Now, as I am in the autumn of my life, I still maintain my practice in Bath, England, but I devote more and more of my energies to teaching others what I have learnt, and how they, too, can treat children.

Have fun!